Five Innovations

5 new innovations worth checking out | Roger Cantu


In the past you had to register to attend this on Tuesday at a specific time. Watch them now at your convenience, even the individual segments broken out! CLICK HERE

Through my Asset-Based LTCi Video Tutorials channel you can watch a recording of my Consumer Webinar and Marketing Consumer Webinars. CLICK HERE

A completely free marketing platform. This link will lead you to an 8 minute preview of this incredible tool. Just contact us if you want to set up an account. CLICK HERE

Our recorded webinar that highlights the benefits and all the steps of using our Electronic Application. This channel breaks down the individual segments as well. CLICK HERE

Now you have a consumer approved website to direct clients to, helping them understand the importance of LTC planning. CLICK HERE

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Learn more about these 5 great innovations from OneAmerica

Roger Cantu
Regional Vice President, Care Solutions